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Website Redesign: just like renovating your home.

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Our favorite one is how the Website Redesign is just like renovating your home.

Consider this: your website serves as both the outlet for your great content and your brand.

On their initial visit, prospective clients come to learn more about you and determine whether they like you enough to go formal. To assess if you’re a good fit, they scan your surroundings, sense your energy, and peruse your belongings. They know what they enjoy in a house from visiting others, so if yours isn’t up to par, they won’t hesitate to leave quickly.

Understanding who you are as a company and what customers need from you in detail will help you design your website so that it becomes a sought-after destination.

Are you all set to embrace this analogy of building a home?

Website Redesign Process

Beginning Research: Planning

Naturally, you don’t immediately tear down your walls without a strategy in place. Your level of strategic thinking and the amount of time you invest in preparation reflect your level of concern for the result.

In order to review goals and ask existential questions like why your firm exists, what you offer, and who your website is for, our process begins with a consultation with several of our strategists. A house for a growing family with lots of hobbies differs greatly from a bachelor room.

MOAR Planning in Information Architecture

Since we are a strategic firm, you can be sure that every step of a Website Redesign involves planning.

We now know who you are, who is visiting, and what you hope to happen during their stay. It’s time to plan out exactly how to persuade them to convert—the ideal activity in your home.

After discussing your content audit with you, we create a draft sitemap and then a final one. This is the simplest method to get your ideas flowing about what should be in your new home and how guests should navigate it to have a positive experience.

UX Design:Website Redesign

We will take great care in mapping your content to the new area now that we all have a clear understanding of it.

It’s time to introduce the user experience (UX) designer as the architect. Using the sitemap as a guide, they create wireframes, which are functional prototypes of each page and menu on your website. Similar to building, you don’t want to pour the foundation and then discover you missed something important. That will almost always result in more expenses, which no one wants.
Similar to building, you don’t want to pour the foundation and then discover you missed something important. That will almost always result in more expenses, which no one wants.

Content Collection: Purchasing & Packaging

While some personality types, like me, find packing and shopping enjoyable, most individuals find this step to be somewhat exhausting.

You cannot expect everything to line up effortlessly because your renovated house plan and your current house are not the same. It’s possible that you had a complete brand makeover, significantly increased the scope of your offerings, or chose to dig deeper into your writing to boost SEO and conversions.

Additionally, because the sitemap and prototype incorporate your real possessions into the remodeling, they nearly always highlight spaces that lack sufficient content or where your material is too antiquated to complement the updated space. Yes, a lot do here.

We create a unique WordPress content prototype based on your approved UX designs as part of our approach. The method for gathering all of the content required for the new website is straightforward and relies on blocks. Because we’re wonderful like that, we also offer assistance with finding photos, copy editing, copywriting, and SEO guidance.

Web Design: Accentuating

This is where the analogy deviates a bit. You wouldn’t begin decorating a home renovation before you began construction.

However, a website redesign proceeds as follows: after the pages are designed, web developers receive the files and can begin building the site. You and the designers decide on all aesthetic matters by fully and gloriously color-mocking up every room of your house. Then, the building crew takes care of all interior decorating.

Web Development:

The building phase commences. Your authorized designs are converted into website code to build a unique WordPress site that houses your content and brand.

Our developers combine the skills of interior decorators, glaziers, plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters, painters, and framers into one cohesive unit.

Since I seen the movie Hackers, I presume that’s how a coder produces all that code, but to be honest, I have no idea.

Maintenance & Hosting:Website Redesign

We do more than simply exchange the keys and say our goodbyes. Our goal is to ensure that it meets your expectations!

For instance, homes don’t maintain themselves immaculately. Every home needs periodic repairs to its appliances and structure, as well as other improvements. We provide web hosting and maintenance packages as a result. We can be the handymen that visit your house to make repairs and ensure that everything is operating as it should.

Utilize Digital Marketing to Bring Them to You!

Websites are not subject to the whole “if you build it, they will come” theory. If you don’t offer Google a reason to, it doesn’t have to rank or even recognize your website. Digital marketing is useful in this situation.

If you want the appropriate kind of people to be able to locate your home on a map, stop by, become friends with you, and grow your network of meaningful connections… Investing in a marketing plan is necessary.

The specifics of that will be specific to your company. Content marketing and SEO ought to be a constant part of it. It might also include influencer marketing, PPC, email, social media, or public relations. Who knows? Just kidding, however we are aware of this due to our extensive investigation of your company.

Encouraging visitors to your content’s new location, like their time there, and tell others about it is one way to make sure it succeeds.

For this reason, if you like our faces and would like to work with us more, we offer retainer services and integrate SEO throughout every step of our website redesign process.

The technique we use to Website Redesign isn’t the same as working with another agency.

We think ours is the best available since we think the secret to success is having a seamless, repeatable procedure. Although you may always modify your procedure to suit particular requirements, having a disorganized or nonexistent process will always cause problems for all parties concerned.

Investigate (see our advice on what to look for in a web design agency), find the partner who best suits your needs, and find out about their workings.

For additional information about Website Redesign, Go to www.soltervision.com, our website. You can email us at info@soltervision.com.

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