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To solve any problems you may be experiencing with your website, you should identify the issue. We have enumerated the main causes of website outages along with their fixes in this blog.

Go through the entire blog and address the problem with your website. Maintaining your website is a process that keeps it operational 99.99% of the time. At Solter Vision, we offer unmatched website upkeep services. Get in touch with us to take benefits of our website maintenance services.

1.  Malware-infected

Malware has the ability to cause a website to crash or be exploited to steal data, among other issues. There are several methods that malware might infiltrate your computer, including

  • Going to a malicious website. Keep in mind that if your antivirus program is out of current, you are vulnerable. Even in that case, hackers may attempt to evade detection by passing off their malware, such as phony Windows updates. Aim to avoid clicking on links in emails from senders you don’t recognize or visiting dubious websites.
  • launching a malicious email attachment. The likelihood is high that your computer will also get infected with malware if you open an email attachment that appears to be safe but is actually malicious! Take no chances! Simply remove them instead!
  • utilizing a link in a fraudulent email. Links in phishing emails take users to phony websites where they might inadvertently enter their login credentials for legitimate accounts. This gives hackers access to personal data, including credit card numbers, and enables them to make purchases online with these stolen cards without authorization (or having to pay for them themselves).

Make sure your antivirus program is up to date and routinely scan your website to protect it from infection. If malware has already infected your website, get in touch with us for the best outcome.

2. Website Hacked

Since hackers are constantly searching for holes in websites, it will be simpler for them to compromise your site if you don’t update your software. Take these actions if you discover that your website is down and you think someone may have hacked into it:

  • Make sure to change all of your passwords right away, especially if you have them saved in an insecure cloud storage account or written down on paper somewhere else.
  • Advise all website users to update their passwords immediately and, if at all feasible, delete any further accounts linked to those email addresses.
  • On the server, update every piece of software because outdated versions can be used by hackers to obtain access.

Make sure your software is up to date and use strong passwords to protect yourself from future brute force attempts. Using our website maintenance services is the wiser choice.

3.  Server Problem

If a server problem is causing your website to go down, there may be an issue with either your host or the server itself. To check if they can assist with the problem, get in touch with your host or the server administrator.

4. DNS Problem

Should your website be unavailable and the cause is not a DNS problem but rather a server problem, you might need to get in touch with your hosting company or domain name registrar. The DNS system is the phone book of the internet. We could not locate webpages without it. Your site won’t load properly if a DNS server isn’t operating correctly, which occurs frequently.

If this occurs, your best course of action is to get in touch with the relevant party and ask them to assist in resolving the situation.

5. Website Hosting Problem

It’s possible that a hosting issue is the cause of your website’s problems. It’s possible that your host is experiencing a server outage or is dealing with some type of technical issue. If this occurs, get in touch with your hosting company to see if they can assist in fixing the issue.

In addition, the server itself can be experiencing issues unrelated to your host, including a malware infestation or database damage. In this scenario, you will need to get in touch with the server manager  and ask for assistance in getting things back up and running so that your website functions as intended once more.

6.  Website Coding Problem

If a coding error is causing your website to go down, it can be an issue with the code of your website or with one of your plugins or themes. If so, get in touch with the code’s creator to see if they can assist in fixing the problem. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to take advantage of the greatest services if you want us to fix the problem.

7. Website Traffic Problem

If traffic issues are causing your website to go down, there may be a problem with the design of your website, your hosting company, or your Internet service provider. Make contact with the relevant person to see if they can assist in resolving the matter.

8. Website Design Problem

Your website’s performance can be suffering if there are design problems. Your website’s downtime is most likely caused by a non-responsive design that is impairing its functionality. To find out if they can help fix any problems or make adjustments to address the issue, you can ask the person who wrote the disputed code.

Need help solving your website design issue? Then contact us today!


9. Out of storage space

  • An essential component of the uptime of your website is storage capacity. Insufficient storage capacity indicates that your website will not function. For instance, files take up space when you submit pictures or movies to a website. Your website may crash in a matter of minutes if the server is unable to accommodate the additional files that are uploaded on a daily basis and there is no way to remove them.
  • Upgrading from basic hosting plans, which have set restrictions, or switching to another plan that offers more features but at a higher cost, will allow you to have more storage space. Compressing files before uploading them to the server is another way to minimize the amount of data that has to be sent across internet connections.

10. Out of Bandwidth

You will need to either upgrade to more bandwidth or limit the amount of traffic your website receives if your website is down because you are out of bandwidth. Your website will be sluggish or unavailable if you do not have enough bandwidth.

Buying additional bandwidth is an easy way to solve this issue. If you don’t have that option, make sure that visitors to your site can only view one page at a time to avoid having them crash it with all of their clicks!

11. PHP Compatibility

The first thing you should do if there is a PHP compatibility problem is to examine the PHP version and extensions that are being used on your website. By issuing a straightforward command on the server, you may verify this. As an instance, php -v.

This will reveal the PHP version that is active on your server and whether or not it supports any extensions or modules that might be crashing your site. Verify that all extensions are current and compatible with the PHP version that your website is using if you’re experiencing issues.

12. Domain Expired

This is a fairly common problem with an easy fix. You have not renewed your domain name service, which is the reason your website is unavailable.

The businesses in charge of managing and selling domains are known as domain registrars, and they typically provide a range of packages at various prices for a period of one year. When registering a domain, you are required to provide certain personal information, such as your address and email address.

This information is used by the registrar business to periodically send email reminders for domain renewals, allowing you to renew your name before it expires. Even while the ownership of a domain name legally stays with the owner. if the owner does not renew the name before it expires, they will no longer have any authority over it.

Simply get in touch with your web hosting company, who is in charge of supplying server space that allows websites to function properly all over the internet. if this is the cause of the issue with your website (internet service provider).

13. SSL Certificate Expired

  • Your website will be vulnerable if the SSL certificate has expired because it can no longer safeguard the site. In this situation, it is imperative that you renew your SSL certificate right away.
  • There may be other problems with your domain or hosting provider if you have bought a fresh SSL certificate but are still having problems.


Most typical issues that could cause your website to crash. As we previously stated, it’s ideal to get in touch with us as soon as possible.  if you encounter any of these problems, so they can assist you in fixing them. You can take advantage of our well-regarded website maintenance service to prevent website downtime. We provide the best systematized website maintenance program.

For additional information, go to www.soltervision.com, our website. You can email us at info@soltervision.com.

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