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Website development is something that every website owner and someone massive in IT, will have a perfect context about. Websites play a very major role in the interaction between you and your customers. That’s right; websites are the bridge with which a successful business enterprise will be in your reach. The usage of internet is increasing with every passing day and there is no stopping to its growth. With this rise, it’s the perfect time for your business website to get an upgrade. Yes, we are talking about  website development company and their effectiveness for your business.

Web development is something that is much underrated and despite being so useful, isn’t getting proper reach. It is something that is known by many, but not all of us are aware of its benefits. For a website owner, it is not news that how important the optimization of their web page is. But many of us out there with Web pages ignore this, and it becomes the cause of a downfall in business. Web development solutions open the pathway towards limitless reach and customer base. With the Digital India campaign and cheap data pricing, India is currently enjoying an outburst of internet users. This is the perfect time to get a hold onto this vast market base. This is not just opportunity, it is an open invitation for companies to get the best out of their investments

Websites bring businesses closer to customers. In the modern, competitive world, selling products or services and converting people into loyal customers is difficult without putting a business on the web. However, a website must be user-friendly in many ways if it needs to build a solid customer base.

The Following Tips Will Make Your Website User-Friendly

Easy Navigation

Navigation is perhaps the most critical aspect of a user-friendly website. The users must find the information they seek in an instant. They should be navigating through your web pages effortlessly. If they have to pause to look for the buttons and links to take them to the desired information, then redesign the navigational system.

Check your web page design for the common navigational mistakes. Make it sure that users find the navigational features at a glance. The menu bars must be instantly visible. If there are some old acronyms in the navigational menu, remove them. You may think that the abbreviations and acronyms will get noticed, but this isn’t the case.

Remove the multiple layers, if any, from the navigational menu. Many sites have layers of sub-menus. That is a terrible user experience. The users should not be going through many such layers before they access the information.

Having a search box is essential for the site as it offers tremendous navigational features. Users just need to type some keyword in the box to get the details without going to the other pages manually.

You can design your website by adding few standard navigation features such as ‘’home”, ‘’about”, ‘’contact”, etc. in the header section. The visitors can see the buttons quickly at the top.

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Create Readable Information

You surely have a lot of useful information to deliver. But if readers cannot grasp it quickly, you are losing them. Several studies have shown that people do not thoroughly read a web page. Instead, they scan the pages rapidly. Therefore, your website should be scannable.

But what does “scanning” mean here? If there are long paragraphs, the users will find it difficult to read the entire blog or any piece of content. They will ultimately leave the page half-read. But if you present the information in small paragraphs of two to three lines, it will catch the eye quickly. This is the reason that many web pages today even have single lines after a few paragraphs of two to three lines.

Also, to make a website readable, ensure some contrast between the colors. The background color should be different from the color of the text. This tactic will help in reading the text easily.
The use of a font also matters a lot. Most experts recommend sans-serif fonts for online reading, while serif fonts are better for print design. The fonts should be simple. But avoid using too many of them on the same page.

Formatting is another aspect of readability when designing your website. You can use formatting techniques such as bulleted lists, headlines, highlighting of words and sentences, etc. Your readers can get the most critical details quickly this way. Make sure that there are no long chunks of unbroken text on the pages.

Quick Loading website

Visitors are impatient and will not wait for a slow site. You will be surprised to hear that in the US, out of the 74% of households that have an internet connection,  6% are still using dial-up. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, dial-up connections account for 17% of the 85% of households with an internet connection. Thus, it is important to test the time that your website takes to load, using emulators set at 56K internet connections. There are several ways to speed up your website, and most of these emulators will tell you how. Some typical recommendations include compression of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and usage of small-size images (ideally making use of thumbnails to show previews of images).

Contact Information

Providing contact information creates confidence and offers peace of mind to users since they know that there is a real company behind a business website. This will have a potential impact on your goal conversion, especially if you are selling products and/or services directly via your website. Thus, provide easy contact mechanisms such as contact forms and a customer service number conveniently shown in an easy-to-locate section of your website. When devising these contact mechanisms, please remember that some users will still opt for traditional, offline contact mechanisms. Thus, if possible, do provide a physical address and telephone numbers. In this way, potential customers who want to find out more about your products or services can reach you with the click of a button or a phone call.

Ensure Enticing Call-To-Actions in website

A clear call-to-action is also essential to make your site user-friendly. While it seems evident that your visitors will find the CTC buttons, it would be good to make the enticing so that they are encouraged to click. You should not leave your visitors wondering what action to take on a particular page.

Ensure that your website designer makes the call-to-action clickable on every page so that it drives visitors. Some of the attractive call-to-action buttons with text include – Download Now, Click Here to Order, Learn More, Get x product free, Contact Us.

Incorporate Chat Functionality in website

Your potential clients would like to have a live chat with your company’s office to find out more about your products or services. There is no alternative to a one-to-one chat that gives some insight to the visitors about what you offer.

They may have several questions regarding your services or products. Many of them do not want to call. But you can engage and encourage them to talk to you through the chat functionality on your website.

Display Your Social Icons in website

People want to share useful and exciting information. If there are no social media icons on your web pages, they will find the site less useful.

These icons allow for sharing of the information right from the site. So, it is not just enough to have a dedicated social media page, but have all the icons such as Twitter and Facebook at the right places on the website as well.

Test Your Website On Different Browsers

While your website is working well on Google, you should test the site on the other browsers. Many of your potential customers use a host of browsers other than Google. So, check how your website looks on all the browsers. It should look equally impressive on every browser.

So, do not be satisfied with checking your website’s functionality on Chrome only. Instead, test it also on Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, etc. Also, check the appearance of the site on mobile devices to find out how it looks and functions on Apple and Android.

As you test the site, you may come across some hurdles such as the site not loading properly due to Flash when you run on mobile devices. In that case, redesign the website specifically for mobile access.

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