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WordPress Benefits in 2023

Before we go into the benefits, keep in mind that there are two methods to utilize WordPress: A: WordPress.com-hosted directly, or B: a self-hosted WordPress.org site with another hosting provider. You can start with a blank WordPress website without having to install anything with WordPress.com, and they have inexpensive pricing (beginning at $4 per month) for your own domain.

You may use your own hosting for a self-hosted WordPress website as long as it supports the WordPress platform. Most hosting offer one-click WordPress installation, but getting started requires a little more knowledge. Once installed, the user interfaces of the two alternatives are nearly identical. While the benefits discussed below apply to both WordPress-hosted and self-hosted sites, the self-hosted option allows you complete control and flexibility, therefore this is the option we will focus on below.

Open-Source Software

WordPress is open-source software based on PHP and MySQL. Open-source software is developed and managed by a community of developers. WordPress is a non-commercialized approach to developing software. The beauty of this is that WordPress is free. The drawback is that there is no traditional customer support. WordPress offers support in document form, but you have to search for the answers. You will not be able to call a customer service representative and ask your questions. There are also third-party tutorials that cover beginner-to-advanced subjects.

Proprietary Software

In contrast, proprietary software companies hire staff. It includes developers that develop software, a sales force, etc., for profit. The company offers different services, but the main difference is support!

WordPress Before and Now

WordPress was a contact management system (CMS) and a blog manager. But, it has evolved into so much more! The community of volunteer developers continued to create new ideas. Those ideas created themes and plugins.

What Does it Do?

WordPress comes right out of the box loaded with content management software. You can add images, videos, body copy, and a host of other digital assets. If you love to write, then you will love WordPress. Bloggers enjoy creating their blogs, creating posts, and managing users. All this with no coding experience.

WordPress still does all the above but also includes a full-blown web page design tool. That’s right, WordPress has evolved into a web design tool too. You can add headers, footers, navigation, a sidebar, body copy, and special effects. All this without knowing a single line of code. On top of all this, you can increase the functionality by adding themes and plugins.


With WordPress, you can add themes that allow for different types of functionality. Themes (there are over 11,000) will enable you to choose a look that reflects the style of your business. Many of these themes are free. But for higher quality and extra functionality, you may have to shell some cash. Third-party companies vary in the support they offer. Before you buy one, be sure you read everything. Also, check out their support, FAQ page, and documentation.

WordPress Plugins

The world of plugins is a bit more complicated. Plugins offer more functionality. Check out the following list of possibilities.

As you can see, you have plenty of choices with over 40,000 plugins. Please note that plugins can add great functionality to your site. But, it can also cause some grief. Plugins can conflict with each other and with some themes. Conflicts cause parts of your site not to work and can be frustrating. The solution is usually to disable some plugins in the hopes that the broken ones will work. All in all, plugins work and are a great way to increase the capabilities of your website.

Ease of Use and Popularity

Ease of use is what makes WordPress so accessible. With WordPress, there is no need to understand complex coding. You can type like a word processor. You have control over fonts, font size, weight, spacing, and more. Themes will include headers, footers, sidebars, and navigation. All these elements are easy to control and need zero code. WordPress is very popular and is used on over 37% of all the websites on the internet. WordPress powers 14.7% of the top 100 sites in the world. There are 37 million global Google searches for “WordPress” per month. There are around 19,500,000 websites that use WordPress.

So is it relevant? In a word, YES. I’m an avid WordPress developer/designer. If you have any questions about WordPress or need help with your site, I would be happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact me at the following.

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